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Fonte Boa, Mocambique

On the 15th of June, 2013, 20 individuals ran for charity in TEAM SIZE FOUNDATION at the 10k race Malmömilen in Malmö, Sweden. The aim was to raise 80 000kr in order to support the construction of a day-center/preschool for orphans, poor and many times malnourished children ages 3-6 years who reside in Fonte Boa, located in north Mocambique. This part of Mocambique is far from the civilization and its population struggles with many difficulties such great poverty, insufficient food supplies and illiteracy. TEAM SIZE FOUNDATION raised 86 700kr for the construction of the day-center.

The construction of a day-center is an important measure for the children in Fonte Boa, Mocambique. It will give these children access to much of what is missing in their lives, such as education in Portuguese (which they need for their schooling) preparation in reading, writing and mathematics. In addition, the children will be able to learn about social interaction, ethics and get a good foundation for all future schooling. The day-center will also provide the children with food and medical care.

The day-center is built in collaboration with För Barnens Bästa and will be completed in the fall. The updates on the progress and development of the day-center can be followed on this page. 

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