Together we matter
together we can make a difference

Update from Cambodia 2014

In May 2014 our team went to visit our project "Starting With Slippers" in the Siem Reap province, Cambodia.

We met with our trusted local contact Rathnak Chea (Nak) who took us to see the children and visit the four primary schools Size Foundation supports. We discussed the goals set out in 2014 and how to best accomplish them.

We were fortunate to be present during the finals of their football tournament (second year running) and witness the children's tremendous passion for the sport. Following our suggestion, 4 girls teams had now also been introduced!

Most of the children play on an empty stomach and without any proper sports equipment. Size Foundation supported the tournament by arranging food for the players (bread and fresh fruits), huge water containers and having a medic present throughout the day. 

Despite the heat (>36C), high humidity and playing barefoot, the children gave it their all!

Football brings the communities together and significantly decreases drop-out rates from the schools. One of our goals in 2014 is to improve the sport facilities to ensure the children's safety and a sustainable growth of the game.

"BE OUR VOICE"- was the message that Nak wanted us to pass on.

Share our humble joy in being a voice for these amazing people and children.

Thank you.

Together We Matter - Together We Can Make A Difference