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Starting With Slippers 2014

In December 2013 Size Foundation's team went to Cambodia and spent time meeting with local leaders, vendors and suppliers as well as meeting the staff of four primary schools catering to the villages (Sleng Spean Primary, Phnom Dey Primary, Chomka Chek Primary and Phnom Srey Snom Primary) and most importantly the children. We came away with a reinforced commitment to the initiative and a clear vision for what we can and need to accomplish in 2014.

With the help from our trusted local contact Rathanak Chea, in January 2014 - 'one pair for every child' - were handed out to the 1'200 children attending the four primary schools. 

Now we endeavour to continue our work with these four schools and directly deliver on the following projects in 2014:

1. Uniforms - throughout Cambodia, those who can afford wear a standard uniform; a white shirt with blue trousers/skirt, but many students are wearing old, deteriorating uniforms. Proper uniforms have a hugely positive impact on the children and their experience of the education they receive at school. A simliar positive effect occurs within each faculty. We aim to provide one new uniform set to each of the 43 faculty members and 25% of the students, prioritizing those without a uniform and then those with the most torn.

2. School supplies - the children have few, if any, materials to support learning. We aim to deliver semi-annual "starter" kits to each student and teacher; including reading books, writing note pads, pencils, pens and/or crayons. The packages will be age and gender appropriate for the 1'200 students and 45 faculty members.

3. Supplement income for teachers - high quality, engaged theachers are critical to the success of any educational institution. Teachers are paid ~$75/month and often have long, expensive commutes to the schools. We therefore wish to supplement the salaries of 45 teachers in order to empower and encourage their committment and foster a rich learning environment.

Stay tuned for more updates to come!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." (Aesop's fables)

Together We Matter - Together We Can Make A Difference